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    • 65 Prize Recipes from the South

    • Cookbooks;
    • This cook book is a collection of sixty-five prize winning recipes from the south. Twenty-eight pages, it was released by Swift & Company in 1935. The company's product, Swift's Jewel southern-style shortening, is advertised and used in the...
    • A Handbook How to do Pickling

    • Canning and Preserving;
    • This handbook was arranged and published by Dr. D. Jayne & Son in 1917. It contains recipes on how to pickle various fruits, vegetables, legumes, catsups, sauces, relishes and meats; however, the initial objective of the book is to advertise Dr. D....
    • Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes

    • Cookbooks;
    • Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes is a compilation of seventy menus and some three-hundred recipes developed by the Bureau of Home Economics. Eighty-six pages, it was published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1927. A table of contents is provided.
    • Ball Blue Book

    • Cookbooks;
    • This slip serves as an advertisement for the Ball Blue Book, a fifty-six-page book with directions on canning, preserving, jelly-making and pickling, as well as 284 complete recipes.
    • Banana Frozen Desserts

    • Cookbooks;
    • This four-page pamphlet includes six frozen banana dessert recipes with variations. It was created circa 1940 and serves as a supplement to the cook book "Banana Salad Bazaar."
    • Banana Salad Bazaar

    • Cookbooks;
    • Banana Salad Bazaar is a twenty-four page cook book of banana salad recipes suggested by the Fruit Dispatch Company circa 1940. Fourteen salad dressing recipes are included as well as a list of salad preparation hints.
    • Bananas...How to Serve them

    • Cookbooks;
    • This cook book was created by the Fruit Dispatch Company in 1942. It contains fifty-six different banana recipes as well as illustrations and "how-to-do-its." Recipes include entrees, breads, desserts, milkshakes, sauces and toppings, and salads.
    • Brer Rabbit's Modern Recipes for the Modern Hostess

    • Cookbooks; Cooking (Molasses);
    • This cook book was released circa 1940 and serves as an advertisement for Brer Rabbit Molasses, a product of Penick & Ford that comes in two grades. The recipes are centered around this product and include it as an ingredient. Forty-eight pages,...
    • Calumet Cook Book

    • Cookbooks;
    • Calumet Cook Book was created circa 1920 and is thirty-two pages long. It advertises the use of Calumet Baking Powder, "the world's greatest baking powder," as it is used in many recipes throughout the book. Comes complete with color illustrations,...
    • Canning Preserving and Jelly Making

    • Cookbooks;
    • This twenty-four-page cook book was released circa 1920 and includes recipes for canning, preserving and jelly/jam-making. It advertises the use of a "Wear-Ever" aluminum roaster and a "Wear-Ever" preserving kettle for these methods, trademark...
    • Choice Recipes

    • Cooking (Chocolate); Cooking (Cocoa);
    • Choice Recipes is a sixty-four-page cook book published in 1922 by Walter Baker & Company. The company's chocolate products are advertised throughout the book. It contains candy recipes by Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill and chocolate and cocoa recipes by...
    • Clabber Girl Baking Book

    • Cookbooks;
    • The sixteen-page Clabber Girl Baking Book includes recipes for baking, ranging from breads and cakes to frostings and dumplings. The book was created circa 1937 and serves to advertise Clabber Girl Baking Powder, a product manufactured by Hulman...
    • Corn Products Cook Book

    • Cookbooks;
    • This cook book was compiled by Emma Churchman Hewitt and published by the Corn Products Refining Company circa 1900. Forty pages long, it serves to advertise Karo corn syrup, Kingsford corn starch, and Mazola corn oil as included recipes contain...
    • Davis Cook Book

    • Baking; Baking Powder; Cookbooks
    • The Davis Cook Book was published by the R. B. Davis Company in 1904. The company's product, Davis Baking Powder, is advertised to be the most wholesome, least expensive baking powder when compared to other brands. This sixty-two-page book...
    • Delightful Cooking

    • Cookbooks;
    • Delightful Cooking is a cook book published by the Corn Products Refining Company, circa 1920. Mazola vegetable oil, Argo and Kingsford's corn starches, and Karo corn syrup are corn products advertised and included in the recipes. Sixty-seven pages...
    • Fortnightly Club Recipe Book

    • Community Cookbooks;
    • The Fortnightly Club Recipe Book is thirty pages long and serves as a community cook book for the fortnightly club. Recipes range from salads and meals to desserts, drinks and more. An index is included.
    • Gold Label Baking Powder Recipes

    • Cookbooks;
    • This sixteen-page cook book was created by the Gold Label Division in Chicago, circa 1930. Included recipes were designed for use with the company's product, Gold Label Baking Powder (although not all recipes include this as an ingredient). This...
    • Gold Medal Flour Cook Book

    • Cookbooks;
    • Published by the Washburn-Crosby Company in 1909, this 80-page booklet serves as an advertisement for Gold Medal brand flour and includes a wide variety of recipes. It comes complete with time tables, a table of contents, and illustrations.


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